What Is The Best Dry Eye Treatment?

Blurred vision could be a symptom of dry eye syndrome. If you feel that your vision varies with time of day or light sensitivity and pain then is certainly a problem for which you should visit the best eye hospital in Delhi.

Followings are the symptoms of dryness in the eyes

  • Redness of eyes
  • Burning or itching in the eyes
  • Feeling like having sand particles in eyes
  • Intolerance to wearing contact lenses, if you wear contacts
  • Excess tearing when eyes become extremely dry or exposed to wind

If you have all or any of the above-mentioned symptoms, your eyes are drying due to an underlying factor like aging which is the most prominent factor in the drying of eyes. Or it could an autoimmune disorder, infection, dysfunction of the meibomian gland, or eyelid malposition.

You should go for dry eye treatment in Delhi before the problem escalates. The pain will keep increasing and the dryness will inhibit vision making it difficult for you to complete even your routine tasks.

Here’re the common treatments available for the dry eye problem

Artificial Tears: Lubricate your dry eyes with artificial tears. They come in two varieties. The first is the low viscosity lubricant that requires frequent application, and the second is the high viscosity liquid that requires a limited application. But it could result in blurred vision for a short time post-application.

Warm Compress: It opens clogged meibomian glands responsible for the production of tears and prevention of evaporation of tears. You need to keep a warm compress on your closed eyelids to open the glands. Or you will require meibomian gland expression performed by the best eye specialist in Delhi.

Meibomian Gland Expression: The gland dysfunction could cause evaporative dry eye and require gland expression treatment by a specialist doctor. Since the glands are clogged, they aren’t producing enough tears to prevent the eyes from drying. The expression treatment will open the glands and starts tear formation.

Intense Pulse Light: It is used to cure eyelid dysfunction. You will be given 4-6 intense pulse light a month and the number of treatments will decrease gradually. It will reduce your reliance on artificial teardrops.

Nutritional Supplements: It is a part of holistic dry eye treatment in Delhi. For example, omega 3 fatty acids can increase tear production to control the problem of drying of eyes. Vegetarian people can take flaxseed oil instead of fish oil. Drinking lots of water also helps in tear production.