Bladeless,Flapless, Touchless technology for refractive correction

Transepithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy, or TransPRK, is the only surface treatment where the eye doesn’t require contact with a surgical instrument.Resulting in a smaller wound surface, patients who have TransPRK benefit from a quicker recovery time and ultimately achieve outstanding results.


TransPRK is a new one-step, incision-free procedure. Using the one laser, the epithelium (the regenerative outer surface of the eye) is gently removed and the cornea precisely reshaped. Our state-of-the-art laser concentrates a ‘cool’ ultraviolet light beam and high-energy pulses on the cornea. The laser removes a microscopic amount of stromal tissue, calculated on the pre-operative analysis and determination of the power of your eye. The procedure enables the contour of the cornea to be reshaped in less than one minute.Unlike LASIK, there is no incision or flap created in the cornea with TransPRK.

After the cornea of the eye has been re-contoured, clear contact lenses are used to reduce discomfort during the healing of the epithelium and provide protection for the eye. The contact lenses are usually removed 3-4 days after surgery at your first post-operative assessment.

Benefits of TransPRK

› No touch – all laser
› It removes the epithelium more precisely and easily than manual PRK
› The wound surface is usually smaller so it heals quicker
› The epithelium and stroma can be removed at the same time and with greater accuracy
› Overall treatment time is shortened
› It minimises further the risks of corneal dehydration

Safe, gentle and precise

Treatment takes place directly on the upper surface of the cornea. There are no cut or flap complications. This non-invasive method leaves a very stable cornea and thus provides more safety for the patient.