Why should MICS patients choose premium IOL lenses?

Today, it can be said that surgery is really the definitive treatment for cataract. It is so because technical advancements in medical technology has made cataract surgery a lot easier and safer. Today, no one makes 12- or 14-mm incision. The best eye surgeon in Delhi will always go for microincision surgery.

So, what is microincision surgery….

As evident from the name, it is performing surgery with a microincision from 2.8 to 3.4 mm long. It is called Micro Incision Cataract Surgery and it has many benefits over traditional long incision surgery.

Small incision require little time in healing and the patient doesn’t have to bear much pain and suffering during the healing period

There are little chances of surgically induced astigmatism and need for wearing prescription glasses post-surgerydue to smaller incision

Good compatibility with premium IOLs ensures better visual results

Better fluidics and lesser need for phaco energy makes it more suitable for people with corneal compromise and zonular weakness

MICS doesn’t require anesthesia, stitches and bandages. Also, there are little restrictions over activities following surgery

MICS is affordable….

The MICS surgery is affordable becausethe investment on this technology isn’t very high. On the contrary, it is very compatible with all phacoemulsification platforms. Also, the MICS has a flat learning curve all surgeons with good knowledge of phacoemulsification can learn MICS. You can easily get MICS treatment at the best eye hospital in Delhi at an affordable price.

Suggestion for MICS patients….

Some patients don’t show much enthusiasm for premium IOL lenses due to cost involved but little do they know that they lose the best possible results that premium IOLs can give. Since MICS is better suited for premium quality IOLs, you should also go for the best to get better results.

Do I need MICS?

Yes, you do. If you go to the best eye specialist in Delhi for cataract treatment, the surgeon will suggest MICS as it scores high on both the patient satisfaction and visual recovery. And you don’t have to worry about cost or recovery as the cost is pocket friendly and recovery is faster and reliable.

Have questions about MICS….

MICS is simply the best for all kinds of cataracts irrespective of their grade or severity. It is a short surgical procedure with a smaller incision that needs lesser time in healing and provides better visual results in the long run.