Why Does Contoura Vision Cost Higher That Lasik?

Contoura Vision cost could be a little higher than the regular Lasik surgery but it is worth paying the price. While Laski is considered the gold standard in vision surgeries for removing prescription glasses and contact lenses, the former is better visual acuity.

Let’s discuss the factors that make Contoura Vision the right treatment option for vision improvement

1. It is a revolution in the field of corrective vision surgery. The procedure involves computer-guided topographic mapping technology. Its advantage is that it maps the microscopic contours of the cornea that is the clear front of the eye.

2. It treats irregularities in the curvature of the cornea and brings better refractive outcomes. You should know that irregularities of the cornea and optics are the biggest reasons for vision problems. Simply put, the treatment is focused on the visual axis of the eye instead of on the pupil.

3. A specially designed laser-guided by computer analysis generates contours of the cornea. It maps approximately 22,000 points of the cornea to allow an individualized treatment plan depending on the contours. Since each eye is different, no two treatment plans are similar. Finally, a laser-guided computer program carries out the treatment.

4. Since the treatment is focused on treating irregularities of the cornea, it makes the cornea smooth and improves the optical quality to the highest level where light penetrates the eye evenly allowing sharp vision quality. The results of the treatment are exciting and beyond the standard vision correction. With these results, patients don’t mind paying a higher eye laser treatment cost.

5. A study of the results shows that a good number of patients (65%) have a visual improvement to 6/6. Also, laser surgery causes lesser damage to the tissue that heals quickly. And you will be surprised to know that patients who had unsatisfactory Lasik surgery can also go for Contoura Vision.

Post-surgery, you can return to normal life in a short time and enjoy everything that life has to offer to the full. There will be no more glare or halo around lights. Also, you will be able to enjoy night driving without any vision problems.

Check the Lasik surgery cost in your city, if you need vision correction. Prescription glasses could improve vision but only to a certain level beyond which you will need vision correction treatment and Contoura Vision is the best treatment available for vision correction.