What makes MICS the best choice in cataract treatment?

If you ask an eye specialist about cataract surgery in Delhi, he will always suggest micro incision surgery (MICS) that involves a small incision of the size of 2.8 mm to 3.4 mm using latest phaco-emulsification technique.

So, what is MICS

Simply put, it is a revolution in cataract treatment. The procedure involves making a microscopic cut to access the lens and replace the blurry lens with a new IOL. It is short, quick and more result oriented. MICS is latest in cataract treatment and it is accepted by both the surgeons and patients.

Advantages of MICS

• Faster healing is an advantage that comes with smaller incision mark

• MICS reduces the risk of surgically induced astigmatism considerably hence patients feel little need for wearing glasses after surgery

• Smaller incision means less surgical downtime and faster vision recovery

• MICS is compatible with premium IOL types that promise improved visual results

• MICS treatment doesn’t require anesthesia, stitches or bandages. Also, they don’t have to face prolonged restrictions on activities

• Fewer follow up visits is also an advantage as it allows patients to return back to normal life quickly

If you are facing vision related problems like blurred or double vision then it is cataract and you should get it treated at earliest. The best eye surgeon in Delhi will suggest MICS, if prescription glasses fail to correct the vision. It will be a short surgery that will complete within a day.

Do you have diabetes?

MICS suits well to diabetics and elderly patients especially those with other types of comorbidities. Smaller incision allows quick healing hence there’s little need to worry about your sugar level as the incision heals in a short time without medicine.

Do you have a corneal problem?

MICS has better fluidics and it employs less use of phaco energy. Due to these two reasons, MICS is better suited for patients with corneal compromise and zonular weakness. You can talk to the best eye specialist in Delhi for more information on MICS.

Should I choose MICS?

It will be a better choice, if you are considering treating cataract with surgery. If it is the cost that is discouraging you from choosing this option, you should discuss the issue with your surgeon so that you can make a better choice.

Visit the best eye hospital in Delhi for more information and education on MICS. Until you have better knowledge of the process and its advantages, you won’t be able to make a better choice.