What is the best treatment for keratoconus?

The cornea plays a crucial role in eye function and for this reason, most eye problems start with the cornea. For example, take keratoconus that involves bulging of the cornea resulting in blurring of vision and an increase in sensitivity to light and glare. In keratoconus treatment in Delhi, you will be prescribed contact lenses.

The objective of wearing a contact lens is to neutralize the irregular corneal structure to restore eye function. Since there are different types of keratoconus lenses available, keratoconus patients can rest assured that they will find the right lens for their needs.

Lenses used for curing keratoconus

1: Rapid Gas Permeable (RPG): The lens is custom-fitted using “color-map” technology that gives a detailed view of the problem area to allow custom fitting of the lens.

2: Hybrid (Soft & Rigid): As the name suggests, this lens has a rigid and soft zone. Also, it has dual advantages. First, it allows perfect coverage of the problem area, and second, it provides ultimate comfort to the patient.

3:Piggy-Back Fitting: A gas permeable lens can provide radical improvement in vision but sometimes, it becomes very difficult to put the lens at its place. It is where the piggy-back fitting technique works. It cushions the lens and reduces friction and pressure in the eye.

4: Scleral: It is a large lens that helps in creating a tear-filled vault over the cornea. The lens improves vision by eliminating the vision fault caused by the keratoconus cornea.

A problem in the cornea could also affect vision like Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism. But the vision could be restored with Lasik laser treatment. It is a surgical treatment involving correcting the cornea. It also helps in the removal of contact lenses and prescription glasses. You can check Lasik laser eye surgery cost in Delhi.

Today most people choose Lasik laser surgery for vision correction. They want to get freedom from wearing contact lenses and prescription glasses. Lasik laser surgery requires only 15 minutes and you can get your both eyes operated on in a day. Also, you won’t need a hospital stay post-surgery.

The Lasik eye surgery cost in Delhi includes the cost of the lens, the fee of the doctor, and that of the hospital. It will be a small investment in comparison to the benefits achieved by the surgery. It will bring considerable improvement in your vision and the effects will be long-lasting. You won’t require second vision improvement surgery for a long time.