Warning Signs of Eye Trouble

We cannot exempt our eyes from the wear and tear of aging. There are several age related changes we observe in our day to day life, some of the problems are not serious other can cause some serious problem if left untreated. Some of the age-related changes observed include difficulty in focusing nearby objects, thinning out of eyelashes.

Warning signs of eye trouble

With age, our eyes start losing the ability to stay lubricated and starts fading. Due to this we can feel irritation, dryness and stickiness in our eyes. The lens of the eye become less elastic with age. Night vision is also affected due to which the person can face problem driving at night.

We all must be familiar with the warning signs of eye trouble so that proper and early treatment can be possible. Some of the signs and symptoms are as follows:

Temporary vision loss: A “greying out” of sight in one eye lasting seconds or minutes. This is a sure sign of a risk for stroke or other kind of blood-vessel blockage disorder. You must visit your optometrist as early as possible.

Sudden Blurry vision: If blurry vision recovers simply by blinking or using tear supplements, then it’s merely the problem of dry eyes. If it does not resolve in that way, it may be due to a multiple cause from the front of your eye to the back. Diabetes can be one of the major cause. You must visit the optometrist within one or two days.

Gradual Blurry vision: This is not considered a serious problem and can be rectified simply by changing your glasses.

Distorted vision in one eye: If the person is above 50 years of age, he may notice distorted vision in on eye due to macular degeneration.

Unequal pupil sizes: this is also not considered a serious issue if it last for two-three days but if it lasts for more than a couple of days, is escorted by blurred vision, and if escorted by other symptoms like droopy eyelid or double vision, you need to visit the optometrists immediately.

Scratchy, irritated eyes: you may feel irritation in your eyes on regular basis which can be due to dryness but there can be chance of more severe problem such as an infection or ulcer.

Summon up, most of the eye diseases are not caught at the early stages. So you should not wait for any of these problems to occur before consulting an optometrist. You must go for an annual comprehensive eye exam as is the best way to make sure that your eyes are healthy.