Tips to Improve your Vision for Sports

For a perfect sportsman, good eyesight is very important. If you are a sports person and you do not have a good vision then this may cause a problem for you. Before selection, there are many health tests that are conducted and eyesight is one of them. Therefore, you must have good eyesight.  There are many sports like shooting, basketball, cricket and many more that require you to have good vision in order to play them properly. In case of shooting, you have to hit the target but with bad eyesight it is not possible. Your reaction for near and far objects is very important as it will impact your game. Hitting the ball, serve the ball and passing the ball all are functions of vision.

Tips to Improve your Vision for Sports

Many vision trainings are also given to improve the vision. There are full teams which will provide you training exercises. Exercises are also there to improve the vision. Exercises are helpful in improving body eye coordination. As we know sports are very important for our body, sports make our body flexible.

Following are some tips to improve vision:

  • Yoga is very much important in improving the vision. Stretching is one of the best ways in yoga.
  • While playing you and your teammates are set for pass you should practice watching up and down. By focusing far and near objects, by looking up and down, left to right vision will be improved.
  • Healthy food is also considered for improving the eyesight. Green leafy vegetables are good for eyes.
  • You should practice memory games as in this you will train a portion of your brain to recall faster like a kid’s matching game. We should play this memory game with a mission to improve the vision.
  • By putting the words in motion and trying to read them is the best exercise at different sizes and different font, count the bouncing ball, play with font, colors, moving words then see how quickly you read them and how quickly you count them.
  • Open your one eye and then practice catching and kicking the ball and then close that eye and open other one then play with that.
  • Ping pong is considered as a very effective way to improve the sight, as in table tennis good hand- eye coordination is very. This ping pong do the same this game improve your hand eye coordination.

It is important that you take good care of your eyes so that you can have a perfect vision lifelong.