Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment 

Your eyes are the most beautiful part of you as they help you to see the beauty of this world. Any problem caused to them can greatly affect you as that will have an impact on your vision. Dry eye syndrome is the chronic condition of your eyes when they are not able to produce sufficient tears that can moisturise the layer of the eyes.

Adopt Some Essential Habits to Keep your Eyes Fit and Fine

It has been common that eye eight goes week of the most people due to the present lifestyle. Today is a world of technology which has brought the so many changes in our existence. The lifestyle has been truly changed, now children don’t play outdoor games, they prefer to mobile games and suffering the internet constantly.

Tips to take Care of Your Dry Eye Problem

Tears are not only for revealing pain or happiness; they take care of your eyes too. Yes, if your eyes don’t produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes, that means you are suffering from dry eye. There are several reasons of this problem. It may happen due to any medicinal condition or environmental factors. Today,

Glaucoma: Symptoms, cause and treatment of this Disease

Glaucoma is an eye disease arising by exceeding the internal pressure that loses the shape of eyes. The disease could damage the optic nerve if it is not initiated the treatment as soon as possible. Mostly it is known as two types Open-Angle and close Angle Glaucoma.

Cause of the Glaucoma:

  • Age factors matter a lot in this sickness,

Symptoms and cause of losing the Children’s Vision

Vision problem has become very common in present generation especially in the child. And the ratio of frames is increasing day by day due to the present living style of the child. Vision is a precious element of the body and success of the career is all behind the sight. If child will not be able to see the books then what is left in boosting the knowledge.

Myths and Misconception Related to LASIK

People always get afraid to go enter inside the operation theatre. And what make you more confused are the misconceptions associated with the surgeries. Words fly in the air and people get tensed. That is not good also for your health. Rather, you should talk to your doctor clearly and clear all doubts. Let’s see what the wrong ideas people have for LASIK are-

It Is Painful–

How Lasik Eye Surgery Works And What The Benefits Of The Lasik Surgery:

The eyes are very sensitive part of the human body. The life is nothing without eyes or less power of vision so the vision must be maintained to enjoy the life. Now time we see that almost new generation is suffering from vision issue. A less aged child is also wearing specs due to the low vision.

Eye strain: A Brief Information about Cause and How to Stay Safe from Such Problem

If we commonly say that Eye strain is not a disease in fact it happens when your eyes get tired from constantly activity. The activity means the frequent concentrations on any particular thing. The eye strain happens due to constantly reading, watching and working on computers. The eye strain affects bad on eye’s vision and mind too,

Free Eye Check Up Camp

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Special Feature of camp: Free Cataract and Dry eye screening

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List of foods that can provide the healthy vision to eyes

A beautiful life is possible if the world is visible for us. The eyes are most vital parts of our body which allow enjoying the happiness of the world, without eyes contentment is dark and tasteless. So preserve the healthy eyes is our responsibility to live happy in the world. Eyes need good foods, exercise and retinue check for excellent visions.