What is Keratoconus and Available Treatment

Derived from Greek word keras refers to CORNEA or conus from Latin word conus which means CONE.

Cornea is the dome-shaped clear window which lies in the front of the eye. Keratoconus refers to that disorder of the eye under which cornea thins out and bulges like a cone. Due to change in the shape of cornea the light rays are brought out of focus by the cornea.

Causes of Dry Eye

Eyes are considered as the most beautiful as well as delicate sense organ thus we all need to take proper care of it. Nowadays several people are facing some or the other eye related issues and it has become very common for them to visit their optician complaining about the problem of dry eyes. A survey revealed around one in five of us have complain about this serious problem.

Warning Signs of Eye Trouble

We cannot exempt our eyes from the wear and tear of aging. There are several age related changes we observe in our day to day life, some of the problems are not serious other can cause some serious problem if left untreated. Some of the age-related changes observed include difficulty in focusing nearby objects, thinning out of eyelashes.

What is low vision and how it is treated?

Low vision is a state that occurs normally at the age of 60 years. Sometimes it happens by any injuries and accidents. But nowadays it occurs in any stage of life so, if you have any problem with your eyes don’t ignore it and take an eye exam to make sure that your eyes are well or not.

Improving Vision with Cornea Transplants – Safer and Faster Technique

Our eyesight is very precious thing and thus it is considered to be the most important sense organ. Any kind of major Injury, disease or aging leads to the demise of our vision. But we should thank to technology and research made by our great scientist that today we are having several high-tech options available in order to improve our vision.

Blade versus Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery: Know the Major Difference

Planning to get any kind of surgery is a complicated task because it needs lot of mind setup. If you are considering LASIK corrective eye surgery than you must have come across two different medical terms like blade or bladeless LASIK. Apart from these two common terms there are many other terms that can appear fairly threatening to most of the people but as a prospective candidate for LASIK surgery,

Smoking Effect On Eyes

Smoking is essentially alluded to as the essential driver of different coronary sickness and illness. Also, it is in like manner pernicious to the eyes. People don’t generally understand that smoking can provoke to vision incident. Many researches demonstrate smoking forms the peril of different eye issue, in those people who smoke, and also in the people who are a great part of the time introduced to this smoke.

Tips to Improve your Vision for Sports

For a perfect sportsman, good eyesight is very important. If you are a sports person and you do not have a good vision then this may cause a problem for you. Before selection, there are many health tests that are conducted and eyesight is one of them. Therefore, you must have good eyesight.  There are many sports like shooting,

Understanding Eye Allergies

It is a common notion among people across the world that allergy only hits your nose but in actual this is not the case. Your eyes are equally prone to get smacked by an allergy attack. Your eyes have a clear layer of skin overlying it and this layer is known as conjunctiva. Generally when you are allergic to something,

Causes of Eye Pain

Your eyes are the most sensitive organs of your body and require proper care so that you don’t face any kind of problem. When people experience eye pain at some point of time, initially they try home remedies like washing eyes with cold water etc. to get rid of their pain. Many times they get relief and don’t need to make a visit to doctor but when your eye pain persists for a longer duration of time;