Overview on Cataract

A cataract is a blurring of the usually clear lens of your eye. For individuals who have been suffering from cataracts, they can see through dark lenses is a little as seeing through a frigid or clouded-up window. The blurred vision that is caused by cataracts can make it quite hard to read, when driving a car (particularly at night) or view the appearance on a friend’s face.

Adopt some essential habits to keep your eyes fit and fine

It has been common that eye eight goes week of the most people due to the present lifestyle. Today is a world of technology which has brought the so many changes in our existence. The lifestyle has been truly changed, now children don’t play outdoor games, they prefer to mobile games and suffering the internet constantly.

LASIK Surgery for Armed Forces and Merchant Navy

LASIK surgery, popularly known as Laser in-situ keratomileusis, is used to correct the vision defects faced by most people. Basically, it is used for the people who are farsighted, nearsighted or facing astigmatism. LASIK is one of those different surgical techniques which are used to reshape the cornea.


Warning Signs of Eye Trouble on which Should Have to Take Action

We cannot exempt our eyes from the wear and tear of aging. There are several age related changes we observe in our day to day life, some of the problems are not serious other can cause some serious problem if left untreated. Some of the age-related changes observed include difficulty in focusing nearby objects, thinning out of eyelashes.

Life After Lasik Laser Surgery

Most patients who have LASIK are very satisfied with the result and after the LASIK recovery time with the vast majority reporting that their eyes felt fairly normal the day after having the surgery. There are many patients who experience that their eyes have improved vision immediately after the operation of LASIK is done to them.

When is the Right time to visit your ophthalmologist after LASIK Procedure

LASIK is a non-invasive method with a laser-assisted technique which is touted as the safest method in modern medicine. Although it takes just a week for a full recovery after someone gets LASIK done, it is essential to undergo regular check-up as per prescribed by your ophthalmologist after getting LASIK procedure done. Know when it is the right time to visit your ophthalmologist after LASIK Procedure.

More About ICL Surgery

Farsightedness also knew as hyperopia is a condition in which the rays of light which enters the eyes makes the focused object is behind the retina. This results in blurred vision. In it, both near and far objects appear blurry. The reason for this is either the length of the eyeball id shorter and the focusing mechanism is very weak that it is not focusing correctly.

Can Astigmatism be Corrected During Cataract Surgery

Astigmatism is an imperfection in the curvature of your cornea, the clear round dome covering the eye’s iris and pupil. Normally the cornea and lens are smooth and curved equally in all direction, which helps to focus light rays into retina at the back of your eyes. But when cornea or lens is not smooth and evenly curved light rays are not refracted properly.

When we have to go for Lasik?

You might have worn contact and glasses forever, and you are tired of it. You just want to see only when you wake up in the morning until the moment you go to sleep. If you are thinking to go for Lasik then you might have some questions like, ‘Will it hurt?’ ‘What will be the risk?’ Before going for the laser,