Myths and Misconception Related to LASIK

People always get afraid to go enter inside the operation theatre. And what make you more confused are the misconceptions associated with the surgeries. Words fly in the air and people get tensed. That is not good also for your health. Rather, you should talk to your doctor clearly and clear all doubts. Let’s see what the wrong ideas people have for LASIK are-

Myths and Misconception Related to LASIK

It Is Painful

This is absolutely a myth. While patients go through the surgery, they are given numbing eye drops which affect your eyes within 15 minutes. You may feel a pressure during corneal flap, but the laser treatment can keep you pain-free.

It Isn’t Actual Surgery

It is true that LASIK is not open heart surgery, but it is definitely a surgical process to permanently reshape your cornea. Yes, it is not that much critical like other surgeries, but definitely an operation.

It Can Make You Blind

How ridiculous it is! You may go through minimum side effects, but there is no record of going blind after LASIK. This surgery is done on only the surface area of your eyes. And if you consult the best surgeon, you won’t have any side effects.

LASIK Means No Need of Specs/Lenses

LASIK is for making your vision clearer, but it can’t change the course of aging. You may need reading glass after 40 and wear contact lenses if necessary and LASIK can’t help you there.

LASIK IS Unaffordable

It is true that laser treatment is a little bit expensive, but you should remember that it is a one time investment. Talk to your insurance agent and know how the policy will be going to cover your costs.

LASIK is New and Long

Term Results Are Unknown- LASIK has come into sight from 1980 and the first treatment was done in 1987, almost 30 years ago. You may face any mild side effects, but there is no story of long-lasting side effects.

LASIK Causes Poor Night Vision

It is true that at the initial days, people face side effects like halos or night glares. But, today, with the advancement of treatment, such issues are not big disturbances. Many people may suffer from these problems, but those are temporary.

So, these are some misconceptions which often disturb patients before attaining the surgery. Consult an efficient ophthalmologist and h/she will surely make all your doubts clear.