How to manage your cataract problem?

Aging is the biggest factor behind cataract but it could be earlier because of sub-factors like braving the sunlight without protection, smoking, high blood sugar, living on steroids, and exposure to radiation. A lot of people undergoing cataract surgery in Delhi have problems due to their lifestyle.

What to do after you have developed cataract?

The first thing, there is nothing to panic about cataract as it is common to have the problem. Also, the good thing is that cataract can be treated and there are many ways to check deterioration of the eye problem. But you shouldn’t delay the treatment as early treatment is the only solution to the problem.

Cataract treatment starts soon after the diagnosis

First, you will be prescribed new prescription eyeglasses to reduce strain on your eyes. Also, you will be advised to use reading lights while doing reading or writing work. Wearing a broad rim hat or sunglasses will help in protecting your eyes from direct sunlight. But these treatments can only delay surgery for a few years. And the best eye surgeon in Delhi will recommend surgery even at the early stages.

Reasons for choosing cataract surgery

  1. Quick

The first and the biggest reason for eye surgeons suggesting surgical removal of the clouded lens and its replacement by a new artificial lens is the quick treatment. There will be no more glares, double vision, or difficulty in night after successful replacement of your cloudy eye lens with an artificial lens.

  1. Short treatment

You won’t have to stay in an eye care centre Delhi for a long time for cataract surgery. It will be a walk-in/walk-out treatment. You will be admitted to hospital for a few hours and will be allowed to go back after successful treatment. Of course, your surgeon will ensure that you are in good condition before allowing you to leave.

  1. Easy recover

Now no more stitches or bandages are needed for cataract surgery. The latest MICS technology uses micro incision of 1.6 mm to 1.8 mm long to replace a cloudy lens. And it is a self-healing incision. You won’t need any prescription drugs to heal the cut.

  1. Better results

Advancement in cataract surgery has made things a lot easier and manageable. Also, the results are improved in comparison to previous years. Approach the best eye specialist in Delhifor cataract surgery and take advantage of the latest technology.