Glaucoma: Symptoms, cause and treatment of this Disease

Glaucoma is an eye disease arising by exceeding the internal pressure that loses the shape of eyes. The disease could damage the optic nerve if it is not initiated the treatment as soon as possible. Mostly it is known as two types Open-Angle and close Angle Glaucoma.


Cause of the Glaucoma:

  • Age factors matter a lot in this sickness, those people have crossed the 60 years, the chances of developing this disease more.
  • If you are diabetes sufferer then chances of glaucoma are increased.
  • Those people have gone through any type of eye surgery that could convert to the diseases of glaucoma.
  • As per the observation, those people got the low blood flow that suffers from the disease. And this could be the reason of any accidental injury or anything else.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

There are many symptoms that were experienced glaucoma’s patient in the starting.

  • Swelling in the eye.
  • Constantly pain and feeling like losing the vision.
  • The vision is not cleared
  • The eyes get changed the color converting into red.
  • A headache is also the biggest indication of such disease.

Treatment of the Glaucoma

In the starting doctors do some necessary tests to check the status of eyes including the blood flow test in the eyes. Gonioscopy is taken to measure the area of shifting drain out of the eyes helping to observe the functionality of angle. And some other relevant tests are taken to make sure for the treatment.

Whenever we go to the doctor and tell about the symptoms including the test. Then firstly they recommend the medicine and eye drop to get recovered the diseases. If the eye drops do not work to get the expected results then they go to the second step that is laser treatment. In the laser treatment, low energy beamed to give in the eyes to get the better influence of blood flow. And the last option is a surgical treatment that is recommended at the last when every hope is lost. As the technology has invented lots of ideas, so by using the techniques it gets recovered.

In the last one thing, we want to add that Glaucoma is a very dangerous disease which could be the reason of losing the vision. But the treatment of this is possible, so if you and anyone suffer by this issue then never get late. They must concern to an eye specialist and go through the treatment.