Eye care tips for your workplace

People today are enjoying the advancement and ease technology gave us. However, the digital world has also given several health problems to the humans. People at workplace need to work for longer hours in order to get good pay, thus it is resulting in poor health of employees at workplace. Eye is the body organ which is most affected by the strain and workload at workplace.

eye care tips

Your job can be related to handling tools and equipment or working on computer for several hours, thus, both can be harmful to your eyes. In order to promote eye health and safety at workplace, some eye care tips have been listed below:

Protracted Computer Work

If you have to devote longer hours on computer screens at workplace, here are few tips that can be followed to keep your eyes protected:

  1. Blink at frequent intervals: Do not forget to blink your eyes after every 20 minutes, as it will help moisten the eye. It will protect your eyes from dry eye syndrome.
  2. Keep your Self-Hydrated: Try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water when you work continuously on computer screen.
  3. Take Small Breaks: Try to give yourself mini breaks from computer screen. You can take eye rest by walking for few minutes.
  4. Routine Eye Exams: You can keep your eyes protected by having a routine check-up of your eyes by an eye specialist.
  5. Computer Eyewear: If your job include a full time computer related work, you can ask your doctor to prescribe you an eyewear specially designed for working on computer.

Operation of Heavy Machinery or Power Tools

It is not compulsory that you need to protect your eyes only if you are working on computer screen, many companies requires employees to operate heavy and large machinery and tools, handle hazardous substances, so they also need to keep their eyes safe . Below are mentioned some useful tips for them:

  1. Safety Eyewear: Remember, if you are running an industry where the workers need to handle health hazardous substances, you must provide all your workers and employees in order to protect them from any kind of eye injury.
  2. Risk of Eye Infections: there are certain fields of work where you can face risk of eye infection. These fields include health care centres, chemical laboratory or job that requires special eyewear. So never, forget to wear protective eyewear.

Your eyes are the most important body organ, so never take risk with it. Your work is important, but it should not be done by compromising with your health. So keep your eyes protected whenever you are at workplace.