Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment 

Your eyes are the most beautiful part of you as they help you to see the beauty of this world. Any problem caused to them can greatly affect you as that will have an impact on your vision. Dry eye syndrome is the chronic condition of your eyes when they are not able to produce sufficient tears that can moisturise the layer of the eyes. Due to this, your eyes lose the tendency to get rid of dust and other irritants and hence suffer from various symptoms like: redness, itching, pain, burning sensation, blurred vision, stringy mucus in your eyes and sensitivity to light. In case you suffer from any such problem, you should immediately make a visit to your eye specialist so that your symptoms can be treated and you get relief soon.

Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment

A person suffering from dry eye syndrome may aggravate his condition if he reads continuously, works on computer for long hours and spends a lot of time in the dry environment. This may make his eyes fall prey to bacterial infection which may further cause inflammation of the eyes. Dry eye syndrome is seen mostly in females over the age of 50 years. However, men can also become victims of this problem but it is very rare. There are many reasons for this medical condition to arise like:

  • Expose to dry environment like heater
  • Hormonal replacement therapy
  • Intake of certain medications that dry your eyes
  • Wearing contact lens for long time
  • Working on computer for prolonged hours
  • Age factor
  • Presence of allergens in the air
  • Menopause
  • Smoking
  • Eyelid problems

When you go to the eye specialist with dry eye syndrome symptoms, he will treat your medical condition using any one of the treatment methods available or he may even combine two or more ways to get effective results.

Artificial tears: They help to increase the moisture in your eyes.

Lacrimal plugs: A painless, reversible process in which plugs are used to block the drainage holes in the corner of your eyes. This helps in preventing tear loss.

Medications like Restasis & Xiidra: It not only lubricated your eye layer but also reduces the inflammation in your eyes. It also helps in producing more natural tears.

Nutrition: A diet rich in vitamins & minerals should be taken. Omega-3 essential fatty acid supplements are required for healthy eyes.

Surgery: If alternative treatments don’t work, then surgery is done to plug the drainage holes in the inner corner of your eyes.