Blade versus Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery: Know the Major Difference

Planning to get any kind of surgery is a complicated task because it needs lot of mind setup. If you are considering LASIK corrective eye surgery than you must have come across two different medical terms like blade or bladeless LASIK. Apart from these two common terms there are many other terms that can appear fairly threatening to most of the people but as a prospective candidate for LASIK surgery, it is very important that you clearly understand the differences between the two, and how it can potentially help you in your vision improvement.

In Traditional time, LASIK surgery was performed with the help of blade which was known as a microkeratome. It was used to create a hinged flap in the cornea, which is the clear part of the eye, Then the flap in the cornea was folded back so as to reveal the inner layer of the cornea known as the stroma. A very detailed and accurate laser, known as an excimer laser, was then used in order to burn out the corneal tissues specifically, with this reshaping of the eye was done and refractive error was corrected.  After the completion of this step, the eye surgeon used to replace the flap back over the cornea, to make sure that it is not misaligned.

blade or bladeless LASIK

On the other hand, the latest and modern more version of LASIK developed is known as bladeless. In this kind of surgery the surgeon uses a femtosecond laser to craft the flap of the eye. The major difference between the blade and bladeless LASIK is that under the bladeless eye surgery, the surgeons do not require the use of a surgical blade hence it is named as ‘bladeless LASIK’. The term bladeless has set an impression in the mind of general people that it is less complicated then the blade surgery and the blade surgery sounds scarier uncomfortable form of laser eye surgery.

The common foundation between both the LASIK surgeries is the making of the flap. When we talk about Blade vs Bladeless LASIK, the surgeons generally say that more accurate flap can be made with the bladeless LASIK procedure. But it doesn’t mean that blade LASIK surgery is not good, it’s purely depends on a surgeon. A talented and highly experienced eye surgeon can also create a flap with blade LASIK procedure.

Whether Blade or bladeless, LASIK surgery is generally a risk-free corrective eye surgery procedure. It entirely depends on you that you want to have which to the two surgery for your eye. You can check the record of your surgeon and his experience while choosing the surgery for you. So choose the surgery which suits you the best.