Adopt Some Essential Habits to Keep your Eyes Fit and Fine

It has been common that eye eight goes week of the most people due to the present lifestyle. Today is a world of technology which has brought the so many changes in our existence. The lifestyle has been truly changed, now children don’t play outdoor games, they prefer to mobile games and suffering the internet constantly. Everyone is connected with the internet by Whats App and social media whether it is a student or working guy. Thus, the excess uses of technology destroy the power of vision. Our eyes need many things to keep them fit and fine.


  • Adopt Healthy Food: This is the best habit that can help to make your vision strong. The healthy foods like green vegetables, eggs, sunflower seeds, tomato and some others contain the vitamin and zinc that are extremely good for the vision of eyes. That’s why children, students and working guys should have the habit to have all healthy foods to keep eyes fit and fine.
  • Morning Walk: The early morning walk is the great source to get the fit vision for your eyes. If possible, then you must walk on the grass without wearing anything. And this thing should be done at early morning walk. The great improvement will appear for eyes and other body parts. After the cataract surgery, the doctor always recommends this.
  • Avoid the excess uses of technology: There are no doubts that technology has changed the life and it is mandatory to work through computer, internet. But you should make a habit to leave the seat after 30 minutes for 2-3 minutes. This will provide the rest to your eyes and able to work again.
  • Make habit of outdoor games: A parent should not give the rights to the excess use of mobile and television to children. They should mold to children for outdoor that can keep healthy and stay free from diseases. And excess uses of mobile and Television destroy the vision. That’s why we see that numerous of kids are wearing specs in childhood.
  • Say good bye to smoking and liquors: Those have habit of smoking and liquors; they mostly suffer from the eye’s diseases. It makes eye’s muscles week that is cause of losing the vision. This is why eye specialist in Delhi and over the world suggests stopping smoking and drinking.

So these changes in regular routine can provide a better vision to your eyes and happy life. If you are fit and fine then your family becomes happier. So adopt these habits not only for you even also for your family’s happiness.