How to manage your cataract problem?

Aging is the biggest factor behind cataract but it could be earlier because of sub-factors like braving the sunlight without protection, smoking, high blood sugar, living on steroids, and exposure to radiation. A lot of people undergoing cataract surgery in Delhi have problems due to their lifestyle.

What to do after you have developed cataract?

What makes MICS the best choice in cataract treatment?

If you ask an eye specialist about cataract surgery in Delhi, he will always suggest micro incision surgery (MICS) that involves a small incision of the size of 2.8 mm to 3.4 mm using latest phaco-emulsification technique.

So, what is MICS

Simply put, it is a revolution in cataract treatment. The procedure involves making a microscopic cut to access the lens and replace the blurry lens with a new IOL.

Why should you get your cataract surgery quickly?

Cataract surgery in Delhi is the most common eye surgery performed in the national capital. Also, it is one of the most successful medical procedures. A patient is admitted in the morning and allowed to go home after surgery by evening.

A cataract is a common eye condition that involves opacification of the lens of the eye and it leads to a decrease in vision.

Is Lasik eye surgery an option for prescription glasses?

There is little need to wear corrective lenses for minor refractive errors that can be corrected with Lasik eye surgery in Delhi. Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis has an impressive track record of providing 20/25 vision or even better. Also, serious complications like loss of vision are rare.

Lasik is the right treatment for people that are good in health but have a moderate degree of refractive error.

Why should MICS patients choose premium IOL lenses?

Today, it can be said that surgery is really the definitive treatment for cataract. It is so because technical advancements in medical technology has made cataract surgery a lot easier and safer. Today, no one makes 12- or 14-mm incision. The best eye surgeon in Delhi will always go for microincision surgery.


Why is Lasik laser eye surgery cost high?

The reason behind the high Lasik laser eye surgery cost in Delhi is the process. It involves reshaping the cornea to allow light focus on the retina in the back of the eye. Light travels through the cornea to reach the retina but when it doesn’t travel the way it should, vision becomes blurry.

Reshaping the cornea
It means no more prescription glasses or contacts.

What happens during corneal transplant?

Many people go for corneal transplant in Delhi to improve sight, relieve pain, and treat the severe infection. But most people require the treatment to cure keratoconus, a medical condition of an eye leading to distortion in the cornea.

Before you understand the conditions that damage cornea, you should understand its position and functions.

Eye strain: Visit the best Eye Specialist to Get Sharp Eyesight

Eye strain also known as “exhausted eyes” or eye exhaustion is considered to be a trouble for more individuals nowadays than ever earlier. Why is this happening? With more time expended gazing into electronically-stricken screens day to day (such as phones or computers) as well as it is less merely relaxing the eyes, many people are undergoing from this eye strain.


Overview on Cataract

A cataract is a blurring of the usually clear lens of your eye. For individuals who have been suffering from cataracts, they can see through dark lenses is a little as seeing through a frigid or clouded-up window. The blurred vision that is caused by cataracts can make it quite hard to read, when driving a car (particularly at night) or view the appearance on a friend’s face.

Adopt some essential habits to keep your eyes fit and fine

It has been common that eye eight goes week of the most people due to the present lifestyle. Today is a world of technology which has brought the so many changes in our existence. The lifestyle has been truly changed, now children don’t play outdoor games, they prefer to mobile games and suffering the internet constantly.