Why should you get your cataract surgery quickly?

Cataract surgery in Delhi is the most common eye surgery performed in the national capital. Also, it is one of the most successful medical procedures. A patient is admitted in the morning and allowed to go home after surgery by evening.

A cataract is a common eye condition that involves opacification of the lens of the eye and it leads to a decrease in vision.

Why should MICS patients choose premium IOL lenses?

Today, it can be said that surgery is really the definitive treatment for cataract. It is so because technical advancements in medical technology has made cataract surgery a lot easier and safer. Today, no one makes 12- or 14-mm incision. The best eye surgeon in Delhi will always go for microincision surgery.


Why is Lasik laser eye surgery cost high?

The reason behind the high Lasik laser eye surgery cost in Delhi is the process. It involves reshaping the cornea to allow light focus on the retina in the back of the eye. Light travels through the cornea to reach the retina but when it doesn’t travel the way it should, vision becomes blurry.

Reshaping the cornea
It means no more prescription glasses or contacts.