Is Lasik eye surgery an option for prescription glasses?

There is little need to wear corrective lenses for minor refractive errors that can be corrected with Lasik eye surgery in Delhi. Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis has an impressive track record of providing 20/25 vision or even better. Also, serious complications like loss of vision are rare.

Lasik is the right treatment for people that are good in health but have a moderate degree of refractive error. And it happens in 40s, when health remains stable but vision starts deteriorating slowly. While wearing prescription glasses or contacts could be a more convenient option to correct minor vision issues but glasses and contacts could put limitations on your movements.

Getting the best Lasik eye surgery in Delhi is the right option to rid yourself of the hassle of putting a prescription glass over your eyes or wearing contacts that could trigger allergic reactions.

You are a candidate for Lasik treatment, if you meet the following criteria.

  • Healthy eyes that could respond well to surgical treatment. Eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, infections, or injuries could negate the effect of Lasik treatment.
  • Healthy corona with sufficient thickness to allow surgeon to peel a thin flap for reshaping the cornea.
  • People that are of average size as too large pupils could interrupt with the surgery.
  • Stable vision is good for Lasik treatment. If your refractive error is stable for at least one year before the surgery, you can get good results.

Let a senior eye surgeon check your eyes for the best Lasik surgery in Delhi and determine your candidature. Technology is changing fast and the development in Lasik surgery is bringing more and more people to its fold. The surgery will be beneficial in the following ways.

  • Improved vision with little need for prescription glasses except for the time like night driving and reading fine prints.
  • The results will be long-lasting allowing you to enjoy freedom from vision problems.
  • The results will be quick as the recovery will take little time. You will be allowed to return back to normal soon after surgery.

Inquire about Lasik eye surgery cost in Delhi to know more about the treatment. But at the same time, you should keep the benefits like freedom from glasses and a clear vision in mind. It will be a one-time investment on surgery but the benefits will be for a long-time. You should seriously think about getting Lasik surgery instead of changing your prescription glasses.